Ufuk University was founded in 1999 as a non-profit foundation university. There are;

  • 5 (five) faculties (Economics & Administrative Sciences, Education, Law, Medicine, Science & Arts, Nursery)
  • 3 (three) vocational schools (, health school and justice school)
  • Graduate programmes in social sciences.


As Ufuk University we pay great importance on quality. In order to reach the goal, related to universal issues, international strategy of our university attaches great interest. The international strategy aims to bring long-term improvements and developments in Ufuk University’s international profile. The ultimate goal is to be one of the leading universities in both regional and international aspects. In order to reach to this goal first, all of the courses in all departments have been reorganized according to European standards as part of Bologna Process, as it is the primary mission of the university to increase international exchange and cooperation in terms of education and research fields, especially with the institutions in EU countries and with other countries.


Upon that primary mission, Ufuk University focuses on increasing research activities and enhancing participation to domestic and international projects within the next years. We believe that Erasmus programme will be very beneficial for us and all other universities in order to access the international arena in both research and education. In order to get ready for international exchange and cooperation, some specific preparations have been carried on. Some of them are below:

  • founded an International Relations Office.
  • provided courses whose medium of instruction is English.
  • completed ECTS (The European Credit Transfer System) for each department.
  • students are informed about mobility; a student community (The Erasmus Community) was founded.
  • all students and teaching staff are supported for mobility.
  • published InfoPackage for each departments on the web-site of the University.
  • an informational booklet is going to be published and the International Office will be ready for further assist.
  • activated the Erasmus Community to meet the needs of exchange students.


All of the faculties except for the Faculty of Medicine and other departments related to health services are situated on Incek Campus. The Faculty of Medicine and other departments on health are on Balgat Campus. Ufuk University has a dormitory with single and double rooms with furniture and the latest technology and in comfort on the Incek Campus. There is also a swimming pool and a shopping mall; so our university provides our students with socializing opportunities.


In terms of partnership, the International Relations Office demands from all departments in our University a list of leading institutions in EU in their own academic field and if possible we ask for individual links between the staff of our university and the our prospect partners.  Except for the relations with the EU countries, a new arrangement done last year for all of the students from all parts of world has been implemented; that means we are open to new and unexpected opportunities. However, first of all our target groups for mobility are students and staff for all cycles, and then we are planning to implement training exchange as well.


Ufuk University has strict values against discrimination and admits students regardless of sex, race, colour, age, ethnicity or national identity, and ensures that all university members are treated equally with regard to rights, privileges, programmes and activities offered. We also always look for more ways to develop further programmes to increase the awareness on the rights of the handicapped students.


Ufuk University as an educational and research institution aims at hosting and participating in collaborating projects with EU countries and other countries. Ufuk University, with this object in mind, encourages young and dynamic academic staff to produce projects related to their academic studies. In this respect the International Office organizes at helping the academic staff in getting contact for both national and international collaborates. It is also planned that project proposals via Turkish National Agency and other resources will be announced to the related departments and necessary facilities will be enabled.

Ufuk University gives priority to both the educational programs of the faculties and schools within the institution and the projects which make contribution to the scientific research and practice. Within this context our university prepares collaboration projects which will be presented to the European and international educational and research institutions. It is also planned that the research carried on by our academic staff in scientific and societal issues will be carried onto the international platform. To make the project process easier, our institution guarantees the employee personal rights like providing necessary permissions and issues related to his/her position.

The student participation to the international projects will be evaluated by the related departments first, and then will be taken into account within the scope of accreditation with the applied courses.

Our institution aims to increase cross-sectorial know how among our partners while also improving the quality of the implementation of those projects paving the way for more and better cooperation within the framework of Erasmus+ Programme. The internationalization of our education sphere through multiple and various cooperation projects is one of our top priorities.

We envisage that the impact of the European Union’s Modernisation and Internationalization Agenda in Higher Education will be seen at our University in each of the five priority areas. These are;


  • Increasing attainment levels to provide the graduates and researchers Europe needs
  • In order to encourage life-long learning UFSEM (Ufuk University Continuing Education Centre) was found and courses are given here open to public. The courses given at this centre aims to transform the participants to a part of universal, contemporary world.
  • In order to increase attainment level to higher education, Ufuk University now provides more scholarships than the past. Financial support to the students from lower income groups is especially given importance.


  • Improving the quality and relevance of higher education

In order to be aware of new information we encourage our teaching staff to participate in national and international scientific meetings; if the discussed issues can be applicable we make use of them. We always in cooperation with our graduates and we expect them to narrate their experiences in the labour market; departments are also in trace of graduate employment outcomes. Graduate experiences are a kind of guiding spirit in our future course designs. As ICT is an indispensable reality of the 21st century, our all students and staff can benefit from direct wireless internet access on campus.


  • Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border co-operation

As cross-border co-operation and educational mobility are especially important to strengthen the quality, our university has prepared the necessary structure. To make recognition of credits gained easier, we use both national to ECTS credit systems and also we supply our graduates with a Diploma Supplement.


  • Making the knowledge triangle work: Linking higher education, research and business for excellence and regional development

On the ground that it is really important to make connections between education, research and business Ufuk University launched some practices in accordance with that principle: Some of them are below:

  • In terms of health care, Ufuk University has a research hospital where learners are practicing. These hospitals make it also possible for our experts to carry out research.
  • In terms of education, The Faculty of Education is in cooperation with average 50 schools in various parts of the city; so the students are able to experience various backgrounds (from lower income backgrounds to higher-income ones.)
  • In terms of psychology, students are experiencing on the research-training. Department is also in cooperation with many psychological centres.


  • Improving governance and funding

Ufuk University aims to increase and branch out its funding sources by opening new departments. As a non-profit foundation university, Ufuk University uses all of its funding in academic missions.